About Aoki Suzuki

Our Mission is to provide perfectly tailored solutions to foreign individuals residing in Japan who require assistance with any tax/accounting issues.

We take pride in going that extra mile to ensure that our clients find the optimal solutions to their specific circumstances.

Do you have a Japanese tax or accounting-related problem that we can help solve? Our friendly, bi-lingual staff are waiting to assist you.

Representative Director
Kazumoto Aoki

Kazumoto Aoki is a certified public tax accountant ('CPTA') in Japan and a certified public accountant ('CPA') in the United States of America.

After earning an MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, he worked for several years at Ernst and Young in Orange County, California, before returning to Japan in order to establish Aoki Suzuki.

Fully bi-lingual and With a wealth of experience in the Japanese and US tax administration and accounting fields, Kazumoto is eager to help anyone residing in Japan who requires his assistance.


Company History

Aoki Suzuki Accounting Co. was established in Tokyo on October 1, 2014, by Kazumoto Aoki and Akio Suzuki.

Since then, Aoki Suzuki Accounting Co. has provided a valuable service to numerous individuals and companies, including subsidiaries of international airlines, automotive manufacturers, chemical developers, and container builders.

Akio Suzuki

We celebrate the life of our dear friend and former managing partner, Akio Suzuki, who sadly passed away in 2021.

Suzuki-san inspired many of us, and we continue to implement his vision and values into the everyday running of our company.